Automated Admin

Serving various customer questions is a challenge for online business nowadays, especially during peak time where the number of personal admins needed also needs to increase. Surely this has an impact on high operational costs. Not only that, by additional hiring, human error likely occurs, not to mention permission and illness while working. Imagine the inconvenience!

Now you don't need to worry, because Automate.id comes with the Virtual Admin who is able to talk both ways. Virtual Automate.id Admin will respond to chats quickly to satisfy the customer -no matter how many messages come in- so that no sales opportunities are missed. What's more, Virtual Automate.id Admin can also implement promos, discounts or new products according to designated plan.

Trained with formal and slang Bahasa Indonesia, it can also can adapt to the language style you normally use. A touch of personal handling! This Virtual Admin is also fast learner and easy to teach. Free up your time to focus more on strategic development for your online business.

Automatic Payments

More than 80% of online shoppers prefer manual / ATM transfers in transactions. This makes online business owners need to adjust services by providing workers with verification of each payment, but now you as an online business owner does not need to bother handling manual transactions. Use Automate.id system, forget the hassles of handling manual transaction verification safely and securely.

On the need for an automatic payment system, there are other challenges that must be faced: integration that is not easy, the need for an IT team in charge of managing the system, etc. We at Automate.id already provide Payment Gateway options that you can use according to your online business needs. Integration is our responsibility. Accepting payments through credit cards, e-wallets, and virtual accounts is now easy and affordable.

Automatic Follow Up

Doing follow-up is usually one of the contents of a system operational procedure (SOP) or the workflow of an online business. Not only in follow-up, but running other SOPs is also important so that the business goes smoothly and in uniform. Unfortunately, the SOPs that you have drafted are at risk of missing or oblivious to human error, but with Automate.id, well assured that your online business transaction SOPs run smoothly and accordingly.

Customer Optimization

Get to know your buyers from the trail of transactions and customer conversation history recorded on Automate.id. Do you want to optimize sales to existing customers? Do you want to give rewards to your loyal customers? Use Automate.id optimization now to find anyone who shops regularly to give rewards, as well as mark buyers who like certain products and other possibilities to set other targets.

Automatic Business Development

Automate.id opens opportunities for you to expand your business through opportunities for other people selling your product with a certain commission. The complexity of the reseller level or calculating the commission that will be distributed is no longer a problem because Automate.id has an automatic reseller system. Just share the link that you set and whoever click will automatically partner up with you as a reseller. No need to be complicated anymore in arranging the distribution and method because with the reseller link from Automate.id, your partner can have an online store as you do in our system.

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