Automate.id has been connected to various shipping services. Your store is directly connected to the shipping service in one setup. Shipping costs are calculated automatically and the Virtual Admin can deliver them to your buyer on each transaction.


Automate.id offers a variety of guaranteed payment methods. Activate payment methods starting from Bank Transfer, Credit Card, E-Banking, E-Wallet, and Virtual Account. Need other payment method? Let us know and accommodate your online business integration. Your Virtual Admin can immediately read the payment requirements and then prepare an invoice for the customer.


By using Automate.id, you can monitor the number of stocks precisely. In addition, the stock will be integrated throughout channels so transactions from any channel (InStore, website or messaging apps) will reduce the product’s main stock. Controlling stocks becomes easier.

Virtual Admin Management

Channel Chat

Various chat channels to activate your Virtual Admin can be connected with one click through Automate.id. WhatsApp, Line, Telegram? Everything is easy!

Social Media

If you have been selling through social media, you can also connect your social media account with Automate.id so that the transaction process is automated through the dashboard. Connect Facebook, Fanpage, Twitter without hassle to reach your social media followers.


As a business owner, you can still keep an eye on every Virtual Admin conversation through the dashboard that we provide. You or your personal admin can take over the conversation whenever needed.

Instore Management

Instagram Integration

Online transactions on Instagram are growing rapidly. Unfortunately, the process is still very manual. Now Automate.id comes with a system that makes transactions from Instagram automatic. Simply integrate your Instagram with Automate.id.


Turn your Instagram into a display model for InStore. Set up InStore with two easy steps and customers can simply click on the photo of the desired product to get what they want or ask the Virtual Admin that you provide beforehand.

Automatic Management


Manage discount promos easily by using the built-in features of Automate.id, just select Buy X Get Y, give % discount, or other promo models suits your needs.


Set how and when Automate.id needs to follow up, reminder towards regular payments or broadcasts, and everything can be run immediately.


Target your customers with the Customer Segmentation menu from Automate.id. With this, you can recognize market potential based on best-selling products, areas with the most buyers, favorite colors and various other potentials.

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