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Interpreting valuable conversation data.

Conversation with your customer is a very valuable data, and we help you to identify your customers based on:

a. Transaction status: fail, pending, success
b. Number of transactions
c. Transaction value
d. Preferred products
e. Interests, etc

Building & organizing customer database easily

We understand in every respect that selling products to existing customers have bigger success opportunity rather than to new customers. With well-built data, it will be easier for you/business to do:

a. Up selling
b. Cross selling
c. Promotion & loyalty program

Swift in service

The digital transaction era is emphasizing the proverb ``time is money`` even more, the success of a transaction is influenced by how fast, how swift you provide service – fast respond as the customer said. With built-in chatbot, you won't need to worry about the swiftness in:

a. Responding customers' Q&A
b. Creating bills/invoices and calculating delivery fee
c. Following up pending transaction
d. Broadcasting product's information to customers

Serving customers in one click away

All requirements needed in a transaction process are provided in an easily controlled/a user friendly dashboard, where with one click away you can manage/organize:
a. Various choices of payment gateway and payment channel
b. Various delivery services
c. Product stocking to variant level
d. Communication channel with customers – WA, LINE, Telegram, Social Media

Our reliability platform will increase your serving capacity, now you are ready to scale your business up

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Answering your customer's questions

Buyers in Indonesia are unique. Prior to buying a product, they would like to know more about it and would like a fast response to questions thrown.

Now you shall be free from all the repeatable questions even outside regular hours, leave it to Automate.id to answer these questions simultaneously.

Issue invoices & receive payments

After initial chats your customers are ready to complete the transaction. With Automate.id, payment and shipping cost will be automatically calculated, issuing invoices and offers various payment channels that have been connected through a single dashboard.

Follow up of pending transactions!

1 out of 4 new customer only ``add to cart`` but do not continue the transaction, thus Automate.id encourage your customers to continue the transaction process until payment. Automate.id also build on smart system there is able to recognize potential customers.

Optimizing Sales Return to Existing Customers

The probability of success selling to existing customers reaches 60 - 70%, while the possibility of selling to new customers is only 5 - 20%. By using Automate.id you are bound to know more about your customers and make them feel important through the identification of their needs!

Reach wider markets

Every online businessman definitely wants to expand its market reach, one of the powerful answers to this need is resellers. Again, Automate.id come to facilitate this through an automatic reseller system for your business expansion.

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